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Despite my evil abusive ex husband’s best efforts, I am not quite dead yet. I am however, quite ill and I have a broken back. I have court on Monday morning and I’m praying that my abuser will finally be held accountable for some of his wickedness and cruelty towards me, my children, my mother, and my pets. My ex husband is a nasty manipulative soulless dick who needs to be locked up before he hurts anyone else.


I am in a desperate situation and I really need help getting the medicine I need and also food and toilet paper. Please help me if you can. I will die without my medicine and the copay is $150.00. I am tired of eating from trash cans and living somewhere dangerous. I’m owed so much money from my scumbag ex husband but nobody will help me get it. I’m very sick and I have a broken back. I live in extreme poverty. I am begging for assistance. Please and thank you.

I love you all. God bless you all. Please pray for me, my kids (who I cry for every day), my mother and my pets, who have all been used as pawns by my monstrous ex husband because he is a sick bastard who is obsessed with punishing me since he can’t rape me anymore.




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