Paul Stevenson from Baldwin, NY is a violent predator who hits girls and kills pets. #PrisonForPaulie #JailForJason

Real classy of my violent lying manipulative abusive piece of trash moron brother, PAUL STEVENSON, to THREATEN MY FRIENDS via private messenger. Just like Frank Whaley did last year. Some of you assholes are running to PAULIE, who HITS GIRLS WITH CLOSED FISTS AND KILLED OUR FAMILY PETS WITH HIS VIOLENT TEMPER, and you are encouraging him to fuck with me. He is already triggered this time of year because it his daughter’s birthday just passed and she died tragically. I had nothing to do with what happened to my niece. I never did drugs the way you morons say. I’m not crazy. I was abused and I am still being abused. My mother is being abused and neglected and my relatives are obviously hiding something. My brother beat me brutally my entire life. He is six years older than me and much bigger. He is a bully and a predator with an uncontrollable temper. He is dangerous and belongs in a locked facility where he can get the care he so clearly needs. He wanted to be a cop years ago but he failed the psych exam. He’s the fucking basket case in my family, not me you fucking losers.
I’m going to cause a lot of damage now. I never lie. I have a broken tailbone and no meds, no food and no money because of you fuckers. My mom is the only family I have left and I WILL completely obliterate any and all of you who get in my way. Tell PAULIE he is going down. It’s probably his fault that certain members of HIS family have serious issues. The guy is a thug. Fuck all of you who take the wrong side. YOU’RE NEXT

The public should be aware that my brother is violent, racist against black people, and very easily “provoked”. He will hurt you regardless of your age, gender, or species. He beat our cat, Max, to death and killed our cat, Miss Murphy. My mom told me about how he beat his pets in Georgia when she was there. No wonder his kids have/had problems. Their father is a thug and an animal killer. He is in Georgia. He is dangerous. Stay away from him and call the cops if he gets loud. This is a public service announcement from a narrow survivor of his abuse. No wonder his wife left him. He is DANGEROUS and he needs to be locked up for public safety. Stay away from him.

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