Broken Blog #JailForJason

So I had been using the premium services from WordPress to build this joint but I couldn’t pay to renew it. No audio files work here anymore and I’m not sure if anyone besides me can see new blog posts. It’s a minor inconvenience. I have backups and contingency blogs all over the place. I own the domain for a few more months so I have got that going for me and I am my brand anyway so not much is lost.

Nobody can take my voice from me ever again.

My dead man’s switch still works. I’m a clever girl.

Stay tuned for further updates and please hit my freaking tip jar because my ex husband is an abusive dead beat scumbag who belongs in prison and he is why I am forced to eat out of trash cans and take my top off for strangers when the hunger hurts too much. Fuck him. #JailForJason!

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