#Treasured #Catholic #Prayers #SundayMorning #PrayForLouise

Good morning, happy Sunday. Catholic prayers in Audio. My mom, Louise Stevenson, is the coolest lady in the world with the kindest heart anyone could ever hope to know. My mom is the greatest and she asked me for prayers. I promised her I’d say and get a bunch of them for her. My mom is Catholic and so am I but we know God is everywhere so please, y’all, #PrayForLouise!

Thank you for listening and for praying. I was raised by the best parents and blessed with the most wonderful children a mother could dream of. May God please bless my family and my friends and everyone they hold dear. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Have a blessed day. I truly do love you all.

I hope you have a glorious week!

Thank you, God, for a brand new week! I love you more than anything else.

Peace be with you.

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