Fuck The Politicians

The Rich Men North of Richmond by Oliver Anthony is an anthem for the working poor in rural America who few in this country fucking care about or are even aware fucking exist. It is going viral. For damned good reason. I live in Appalachia. This song speaks to me and what I see in my own community among the truly downtrodden. The fucking WRETCHED. People like ME. Fuck the politicians.

Thank you to Geez (linked below) for introducing me to this song and for providing a thoughtful discussion in the comments section. Please click through and say hi to my friends!

This song supposedly has about 5 million Youtube Views….I think you’ve probably all heard about it and I wondered what you think of the LYRICS.  I’m …

Rich Men North of Richmond

Here’s a video taken after the guy went viral:


I think it’s a great song and I hope it will go mainstream and be all over the airwaves.

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