#HotZilla #Cheesecake #Pictures! #JailForJason

My ex used to constantly criticize my appearance and never let me get dressed up or feel pretty. He is a sexual predator, a narcissistic sociopath, a deadbeat, a scofflaw and a fucking monster.

Jason is illegally starving me out.

I will strip for money to buy meds if nobody is willing to help me. I will whore myself gleefully for the right price while I wait for Justice.


I have a rocking hot #BodyByPoverty; I have a small frame with large breasts and I am not afraid to use them. When I sell my body I will make sure everyone knows whose ex wife is getting them off and I will find his loser friends and tell them every nasty thing that Jason told me about THEM over the last 25 years. My ex husband is a cursed man now.

My friend and fellow blogger, The Mad Jewess, is a brilliant digital artist and she made these great pictures using my face. Thanks, MJ!

I will start posting pics of myself, in various states of undress and poses, here soon and if you are willing to pay I will let you see me naked or whatever. I NEED MONEY because my ex is a sadistic freak and nobody will help me.


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