#WretchedMob #THERsDay #LadyPower #JailForJason #War – August 10, 2023 A.D. – HERE COMES THE #RECKONING MFer! #Scumnt

The Truth Will Set Us Free

My ex husband doesn’t want anyone to know what a perverted sick freak he really is, but he is still abusing me so have a listen.

FUCK YOU, Jason! You are going to go to JAIL soon, where you fucking belong you miserable fucking scumnt. You will NEVER touch me again, you fucking RAPIST. You are as ignorant as you are arrogant, you narcissistic sociopathic prick. And whoever is reading this to your illiterate ass should know better than to ever fuck with me ever again, BITCH!

I’m not playing

My ex husband is an abusive sexual predator who is doing everything he can to end me. He WILL be held accountable. Selah.

I still DESPERATELY NEED HELP if I am to survive this unrelenting years long horror, trauma, and escalating abuse.


I hope maybe someone in the ether will.

Thank you for listening. Please hit the freaking tip jar if you can. I need practical assistance immediately and I AM BEGGING YOU TO PLEASE HELP ME if you can.

Please and thank you.

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