No, it was NOT an “armed standoff”, you ghouls!

A man in my neighboring town had a mental health episode. He was taken to the fucked up hospital in my community where he will stay in a locked ward for a while and they will heavily drug him. I know the drill. The stupid media hacks are blowing it up as an “armed standoff” which is absurd. Hyped up story is at the link. Please pray for people who struggle with mental health issues.

Armed standoff ends peacefully in Fishkill

Outrageous slander of a man who simply needed some help. This is a medical story, not a crime story. I hate this sort of thing. Leave that man alone to heal in peace you freaking sensationalistic ghouls!

Catholic readers, please pray for Saint Dymphna to help that poor man.

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  1. […] No, it was NOT an “armed standoff”, you ghouls! […]

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