There Goes The Neighborhood: #PreppyKiller #RobertChambers – SCUMBAG – Released Into NY’s #HudsonValley

Robert Chambers is a sick fuck who brutally raped and murdered and innocent young woman, named Jennifer Levin, in New York City. He should have gotten the death penalty but he was released after a few years for his evil crime and then he went and got a bunch of coke & smack charges that sent him back to prison for a few years more. He is out now. He MOCKED HIS VICTIM in an infamous video in which he savagely and probably drunkenly twists the head of a Barbie doll at a party and jokes that he killed her.

Robert Chambers has been released from prison again and is now residing in New York State’s beautiful Hudson Valley. He is a predator. Beware.

The advisory that has been posted online.Photo Credit: Rockland Video Productions via Facebook

Chambers, age 56, was released from the Shawangunk Correctional Facility in Ulster County on Tuesday, July 25, and is now residing in Rockland County, according to the state Department of Parole.
Officials do not reveal which city the parolee is living in, but many on social media say Chambers is living in Spring Valley.
The once handsome Chambers admitted he strangled 18-year-old Jennifer Levin to death in what he said was a night of “rough sex,” in Central Park in 1986 and served a 15-year prison sentence for manslaughter.
The killing of Levin was front-page news for months as the two both hung around in the same upper-class social circles of Manhattan. The case captured national attention and a major-motion picture was produced in 1989 called “The Preppie Murderer.”

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