My Treasured Catholic Prayers – August 3rd, 2023 A.D.

I was recently gifted with a wonderful new book of Catholic prayers. Today I had a chance to read some of them. Thank you to my friend, Joyce, from the St. Vincent DuPaul charity (who brings me pantry items and religion every month to help me survive) for all of the wonderful things you found in the pantry for me and for all the prayer books!

The book is called My Treasured Catholic Prayers and it is published by:

Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church – 54 West Main Street Baltic, CT 06330 – – (860) 822-6323

Thank you for listening and for praying with me and for me. I need help, badly. I have no money at all and I need medication. I have NO resources while my abusive ex husband chooses to willfully and illegally withhold what he is obligated by order of the court to give me as I try to heal from a quarter century of abuse at the hands of that man. I HAVE NOTHING. I can’t pay ANY of my bills nor even buy cat food. PLEASE HIT THE TIP JAR if you can spare a few bucks and have mercy in your heart for me. Please pray for me and for all of the other victims and survivors of trauma and abuse. Please pray for the truly vulnerable. Please pray for my enemies.

My Treasured Catholic Prayers – August 3rd, 2023 A.D.
Say Hello to my new friend!

Thank you. I love you. May God bless all good hearted people everywhere and protect them from evil, always. Amen. Amen. Amen.

My view of the sunset peeking over where the trees obscure view of my house, up in the distance, as I stand down by the road fetching internet to upload this blog post. Twilight – dusk and dawn are the times between times; my favorite times for happy prayers.

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