An Email from MY President

Donald Trump’s campaign sent me an email with a bittersweet message from MY President, who I have loved since I was a child…

On my drive back from the federal courthouse – where I was processed, read my rights, and heard that I could spend the rest of my life in prison as an innocent man – I thought that this was truly a sad day for America.
As I drove back in the motorcade through Washington, DC, I saw the filth and the decay and all of the broken buildings and walls of graffiti.
This is not the place that I left behind.
But it’s emblematic of the vile corruption that has taken hold of our nation’s capital.
This is a persecution of a political opponent who happens to be leading by very, very substantial numbers in the Republican Primary and leading Biden by a lot.
So, Crooked Joe has decided that if he can’t beat me, he’s going to prosecute me.
As the rain poured down over us on this dark and gloomy day in the Washington Swamp, my last words to the dishonest press before I boarded Trump Force One were that this should NEVER be allowed to happen in America.
Marianne, while a dark cloud hangs over our nation today, I have no doubt, nevertheless, that we will Make America Great Again.
I will always love President Donald J. Trump

Stay strong, President Trump, and THANK YOU for NEVER backing down. THANK YOU for always fighting for the United States of America and for non-elite Americans no matter what the corrupt commie bastards in DC and the enemedia try to do to you. God bless you, Mr. President!

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