#CoverGirl #SongZilla Desperado #ZillaDoesAlice!!! #AutismSings #FreedomFriday

TGIF, Y’all, Happy #FreedomFriday! It has been a hot minute or two since I wrecked up a perfectly good rock song. I LOVE Alice Cooper – ever since he was on The Muppet Show and I was a little kid who found Welcome to My Nightmare and You and Me (with the Hen!) relatable. Alice brought me comfort when I was a lost little girl who lived through nightmares. This is how I repay him. It comes from a place of LOVE – remember that when your ears bleed!

Thanks for listening; if you are bold enough to try!

Desperado by Alice Cooper as a spoken word poem read by Zilla
#SongZilla Desperado by Alice Cooper as sung by Zilla
The Real Deal
Where I fell in love with Alice for the first time
Nobody expressed my bad dreams like Alice did in this performance when I was very young. God bless Alice Cooper and The Muppets!

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