Hops Get By W A Lil Help #SongZilla #CoverGirl #AutismWails! @WPDHFM

Get it while it’s hot! Third time is the charm. This is for my friend, Hopkins, who I call “Hops” at WPDH FM 101.5. I’m trying to get him to play the Joe Cocker radio version on Whole Lotta Lunch coming up between 12-1pm TODAY, #WondermentWednesday. So I’m doin it one more time, with feeling! Feel THIS, lol.

PS If I were listener of the day for Boris & Robin you would know that today they asked listeners to send in SELFIES! May I please have a T-Shirt? I am clearly a super fan. XOXO

Third Time’s the Charm! This time I mean it!

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