AxZvEFPD #LifeUnderSiege #AutismRaps

Hello everyone my name is Zilla

Got a tale for you – a horror – like Thriller

I tell you it ain’t no iller

What happened to me when I was just trying to chilla

Minding my business up at the shack when EFPD went on the attack

Barged through my door – threw me on the floor

Dragged me out naked – treated worse than a whore

Threw me on the ground and abused my body

Beat me down in the weeds and watched me go potty

Molested me in many ways

They truly are a damned disgrace

My name is Zilla and I just wanna chilla

But these mutha fucks treat me like I’m a KILLER

Fuck the EFPD for doing evil shit

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