Hive Mind – The Movie – by @FilmLadd #Trippy #Flick #PerfectionInFilm #TheGoodening

I have an autographed DVD of Hive Mind because Badd Ladd is my Good Friend from way back in the glory days of blogging. Ladd has it available on YouTube now for everyone to enjoy and I am watching it again on my laptop which rarely lets me play and DVDs but it happily plays Hive Mind and Ladd’s other great movie, Flatland, which I highly recommend to everyone because it is a great story, the visuals are amazing and there is something for everyone at every age, and it is fun to watch with kids to see their take on the mind blowing concepts of dimensionality. Ladd has that one up in HD (!) on his channel now. Please visit his YouTube and see all his very clever and super important videos. Subscribe if you like his stuff – I think you will LOVE HIM!

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