For Diane, Future Chief of the EFPD

My town has the best cops and my community has the best radio station.

East Fishkill New York has THE BEST cops and I defy anyone to try to prove to me otherwise.

Dian is awesome and talks to me. She is very good at her job and has the best laugh.

I asked her what song I could try to get WPDH 101.5 FM to play for her today because she helps to keep me out of trouble during the small hours when my ptsd goes nuts.

She said Stairway to Heaven so I put it here and will annoy the radio station until they play it for her there.

Because the cops here save my butt a million times and they are the best.

Happy Thursday, everyone, but especially the future chief of THE BEST law enforcement agency I have ever seen in my adult life.

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