Guts Spilling Out

Baring my soul for y’all and making a promise to you so I can honor the promise I made my parents. I REALLY need to get to Nassau County NY from Dutchess County NY for a few days , as quickly as possible and by any means necessary,

CommBox is open and I welcome your thoughts.

If you have suggestions that might help me get that tip jar filled so I can save my mom before I die please lemme know.

A hard life gave me a butter face but I still have a nice rack and poverty made the rest of me skinny. I am the dangerously scary looking hot chick you are curious but terrified about if you could see me now.

Like after I get to take a shower.

I haven’t had one since they cut me loose from the Bad Place on Saturday afternoon. I have been to 3 ERs since YESTERDAY and got screwed over at every single one because I think they make money by locking ppl up. I am sick of it. No more handcuffs no more ambulances, no more jail tossing my purse! No more bullshit. I WILL put up a huge fight because I have been brutalized my some of the cops and hospitals around here even when I behave because I am apparently ugly and I am flagged

They lied to me and tried to get me locked up this morning.

Don’t go to Putnam either.

Tech issues with no data & building website with only free Wi-Fi from the road is frustrating

Plz help

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