What are your favorite brands and why?

Coca-Cola because my brain chemistry likes it

Levi’s because I still wear the jacket I stole from the one guy I won’t talk about ever because I am too far gone for that very nice man. I’m sorry you know who you are. This time it was all ME.

I am keeping MY denim, spank you very much.

I really am #Undateable

Still poor though! I need my meds now on top of everything else

Jesus Christ AllMighty I am here, trying to look calm. Please help me get to where I need to be.

I have zero money

I build cool shit & I know how to do stuff

I need to get to my mom’s place in Long Island to see her by any means necessary and I am truly in the dirt begging on Route 82 in Hopewell like I have to do a lot just to remain alive and that was before they broke me last week and gave me a heart attack before doping me up and turning me loose

I do not know what to do anymore

Please just send me some money or practical assistance and tell the man who I will never talk about because he is a real gentleman and ladies do not trash talk about the few good ones but someone tell him I will make them bury me in MY cool jacket. 38 years later it ain’t gonna fit you anyway bro. I am so sorry I am like this.

I’m keeping my land for my children who I hope will not inherit too much messed up stuff and trauma from me.

I had the best kids

I miss them

I want my mommy

Plz send me a ride to Nassau County.

By any means necessary

I forgive everyone except myself.

Please get me back home to see my mom who is THE GREATEST LADY


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