Local Cops Turn Cruelty To Kindness #NYS #HudsonValley #DutchessCounty

I complain A LOT about the government and the courts and even about certain specific interactions I’ve had with cops over the years BUT I LOVE police officers in general, completely.

Below is a link to a news story from around here about a dumb bastard who illegally killed an innocent bear and also put his own dog in danger for no good reason. Maybe he was drunk.

Anyway, so the cops got the bastard and he is being prosecuted.

What I want YOU to know is that we have a lot of poor people here and hunger HURTS.

Cops made sure that bear got to a group of responsible hunters who processed the meat and donated it to our local food pantries. The folks who will distribute the meat said they have a lot to share now and while I have never had it, I hear bear steaks ain’t bad. I actually am a beneficiary of local charities who help me get food so maybe I will find out.

This news story was the first thing I saw today and I was SO ANGRY about what that putz did to it but I saw they got the guy so I read on. I am glad that I did because they did something really great for our community and now I am telling you about it. Story is at the link. Be prepared for pop up ads at that site and it will ask if you want their app, but you don’t need it.

God bless our COPS!


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  1. We love reading your blog! Your distinctive perspective and authentic voice are game-changers in the world. Keep writing, because your thoughts have a lasting impact. Thank you for being yourself!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

  2. I hear bear is greasy.
    I’d try a (legal) bear steak.
    Good job by that PD.

    1. Hi! Thank you for coming here! If you’re ever in my part of the world, maybe we can grill some & try it out.

  3. Loved this post – heress my feedback –
    huge supporter of our police officers and this story just solidifies that belief. Not only did they catch a criminal who was endangering animals and people, but they also ensured that the bear’s meat was not wasted and went to those in need. It’s heartwarming to see law enforcement working to make a positive impact in their community. Thank you to the officers involved in this case for their hard work and dedication to both justice and compassion.
    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!
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